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Top Lot Stretcher Company

Quality stretching materials

Top Lot Stretcher Co. handles all your wooden stretcher needs, along with pelt handling supplies, and trapping supplies. We have adjustable stretchers and solid stretchers, which include, but not limited to: coon stretchers, coyote stretchers, fox stretchers and more. We can help you with all the supplies you need for putting up fur.

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2022 LKL Trapping Experience

May 14-16, 2022 will be the first LKL Trapping experience. ​The second school will be May 17-19, 2022. Leon along with Kendall Obermier of NO-BS Lures and Lesel Reuwsaat of Reuwsaat's Bait & Lures present 2022 Trapping Experience at Pipe Creek Guide Service in Minneapolis, KS. Limited to 9 students per school. Contact us to get more information and reserve your spot.

Products Overview

Adjustable Stretchers

Adjustable stretchers are a versatile way to put fur up. Each species has its own board and you can put any size on one stretcher, eliminating the need to have multiple size boards and the use of wedges.


Increase your fur profits by ordering these DVD’s. Leon goes in depth on putting up coon or mink and muskrat. Lots of little tricks that help you get the most out of your fur.

Trapping supplies

This sifter is a sifter that will last you a lifetime. It is a heavy duty sifter that has tapered sides and diamond mesh patterned bottom for shredding up sod or dirt. It now comes in a heavy duty black coating.