All of my previous stretchers have been replaced by Top Lot. You give 100% all season long, why wouldn’t you expect your stretchers to do the same

Steff - MN

Well I finally got my first one put up for the year! Great stretchers and encourage anyone to try them!


Best stretchers I've used! Been at this for 50+ years!


All put up on your coyote boards great product and I always get complimented on them at buyer.

Alan - IA

Very quality products will last for generations.

Tyler - MN

A product that really lives up to its name "Top Lot Stretchers" thanks again Leon.

Nathan - MN

Really enjoy putting fur on the top lot stretchers.


Doesn't get better than Top Lot Stretchers.


Best stretchers on the market…switched from wire to your adjustable wood and fur buyer is paying almost double due to correct sizes.

Nick - MO

These boards are awesome! Gets ya the perfect form and right length every time. The only thing better than the stretchers are the folks at Top Lot! Thank you for making fur put up easy!

Jeremy - MN

I bought 3 coyote stretchers at the Nebraska Convention and they are great. ​

Kolby - NE

I received my two of the three boxes today! I was going to wait until Monday to check them out but curiosity got the best of me. You guys have my vote. Change your name to TOP QUALITY. I will be ordering more as needed in the future and will be informing my buds out in Montana and any person up here that may think they know what a correct stretching board should look like. Have to be honest, I never used an adjustable but you sold me on your Quality of work. Keep up the GREAT work.​

Tommy - MN

I am very impressed with your workmanship which seems to be only top shelf, and the quality of wood used for my stretchers.​

Rick - MI

Thank you for a great product, you have truly lived up to your reputation on the tman forums. ​

Robert - NV

Got my boards today, everything looks great. Thanks. ​

Dave - MO

Just got done watching your Top Lot Coon Handling video - one word - AWESOME. I have not found a video that goes into as much detail as yours does - greatly appreciated.

Bernie - KS

Honest and terrific, knowledgeable service. Quality, built to last every stretcher. The only stretchers to use.​

Jerry - MN

Thank you for fast and great service. I got my stretchers today and they look great! That was very fast.​

Derek - MO

Thank you for the great advice and fast response to my questions I will get my order in I can’t wait to use your stretchers.

Scott - IA

My order arrived yesterday - they look great! Thanks!​

Matthew - KS

I received my stretchers the other day. I think my son thought it was Christmas again. He called me at work to let me know they were there. Attached is a male and female we did. Now these are the first two mink I have done completely on my own,. So if they aren't just perfect that is why. But the stretchers are superb! I am going to do a nice coyote over the weekend and I have a red fox to send you a picture of also. Keep up the great work! The trade needs people like you, that offer a great product at a reasonable price. ​

Jon - PA