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Fleshing Beam & Stand - Portable

This is a portable fleshing beam & stand. It is a 42 x 7 1/2 inch fleshing beam and a sturdy hardwood stand that has revocable pins to make it easy to transport in the back of a pickup truck under your cover. It is adjustable and can be used anywhere. This is a handy piece of equipment that will last. For shipping purposes, this can be purchased two ways: the first is complete, so you will only have to put the pins in, and the second is that you will have to put some screws in to finish putting it together. The screws will be included and will be drilled where you need to put them. This is so that it is not quite as big and can save on shipping. Pricing is shipped. ‚Äč

( $250.00 / complete)
some assemble required
( $200.00 / some assemble required)