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Extreme Sifter

Finally, a sifter that will truly last you a life time. This sifter’s framework is LASER CUT from 14 gauge steel. Each corner has been welded and then ground clean and smooth, there are no sharp edges. The bottom screening is a heavy gauge, stepped mesh that shreds sod and breaks up dirt faster than a smooth mesh. It has a ¾ x ¼ inch diamond mesh pattern. The screen is welded at every contact point around the perimeter not just a spot weld a couple of times here and there. The bottom of the sifter measures approximately 6 ½ x 8 ½ inches. All four sides are tapered which allows you to use any side for scraping and scooping up dirt. Also the tapered sides make for a comfortable grip while sifting. This sifter will be strong enough to handle your everyday use and abuse year after year.​

( $22.00 / Each)